About Me


My name is Elissa and I'm very creative, passionate and have a love for fashion.  I'm a working mother with a wonderful hardworking husband, two wonderful boys and three wonderful stepdaughters.

My whole life I've loved fashion and design.  Opening my own boutique was the obvious answer for my life and throughout my career I've built a strong background of merchandising, product development and product/business analysis. 

I have named my boutique after my mother's favorite flowers - the stunning Blue Hydrangea. My mother passed from breast cancer and I really wanted to honor her memory with something that will always remind me of her.  This flower also reminds me of special  family times at my grandmother's house during the summers spent in Long Island, NY.   

 For me, it's very important to carry merchandise that I personally select and love. Each item will be unique and sold in limited quantities.  The clothes will have a cute bohemian vibe while being very comfortable and timeless. My goal it to help enhance your natural beauty and help you look and feel your best all year long!